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--Gareth Morgan
"We cannot just remodel the prison. No, we've got to get out of it."
--W. Edwards Deming

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Employee termination made easy

So I keep getting these emails from Kevin Muir trying to sell me his $247.00+shipping "Employee Termination Guidebook". I thought I'd look him up on linkedin.com, but there were multiple matches--the Kevin Muir who initially looked most promising was:

Kevin Muir
Employment Coordinator

However, reading further, I see this listed under his past positions:
Regional Director - New York and New Jersey Chapter at American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

I discern I've likely got the wrong guy. Here is the text of a recent email:
Hi John,

You requested my Termination Triggers report about a month
ago. You were likely having trouble with one of your
subordinates and coworkers.

Since some time has gone by and I have not heard from you, I
just want you to know I'm still here to assist you.

Do you continue to deal with a problem employee? How much
damage in morale, results and frustration does the employee
continue to cause?

If you remain frustrated, you should read my Employee
Termination Guidebook. The techniques and methods in the
Guidebook have worked for so many others -- They will work
for you, too.

You shouldn't have to go to work every day and deal with a
non-performing and badly behaving employee. You can start
the termination process today. Read more about all this at


All the best,

Kevin Muir, Turnaround Central
Author of the 'Employee Termination Guidebook'

 [Curiously, in 2010 this same website now claims that one Dan Betts is the author of the Employee Termination Guidebook]

Going to the website, one learns that whether you want to fire someone for legal or not legal reasons, no problem, there are techniques you can utilize, including "ingenious tricks to get the employee to fire himself." You will learn to "only document when you are terminating (and disciplining) for a legitimate and legal reason. And don’t document when you are firing for an illegal reason." You will further learn to not waste your time on efforts to rehabilitate, because if "you decide to rehabilitate the problem employee, he’ll drain all the energy from you". Remember, "a bad apple remains a bad apple".

Termination Principles
[This link apparently was removed from the site sometime after the original post.]