"I favor general use of the psychic-prison metaphor to free people from the traps of favored ways of thinking and to unleash their power and creativity."
--Gareth Morgan
"We cannot just remodel the prison. No, we've got to get out of it."
--W. Edwards Deming

Monday, January 28, 2008

The highest aspiration

The following is quoted from a corporate annual report:

Beauty is intrinsic in nature and existed before Man did. All the most beautiful things that a human is capable of making are merely conscious or unconscious imitations of what is already present in nature. The beauty of nature is a source of inspiration not only for human endeavours, but also for human sentiments – and therefore ethics can be considered to be the transfer of beauty to human behaviour. The quest for beauty -- in this wider meaning of the term -- is the highest aspiration of any human.

Similarly, the quest for socially responsible management is the highest aspiration of any company wishing to fulfill its natural function, i.e. satisfaction of human needs.

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